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Services for Motor

  • Repair, Rewinding & Overhauling of HT / LT & AC Induction, DC Motors.
    • Rewinding: Complies with Indian and International Standards.
    • HT Motors: Repair, Rewinding of HT Motors from 250KW to 4000Kw. 3.3KV, 6.6KV, 11KV.
    • LT / AC Motors: Repair, Rewinding of LT Motors from 0.18KW to 1200KW. 415V.
    • AC Motors: Repair, Rewinding of all types of Alternators for stator and rotor. From 5.5KVA to 1500KVA, 415V.
    • DC Motors: Repair, Rewinding of armature, field, compensating, and interpole to original specifications – up to 3000HP.
  • Rewinding using VPI Resin insulation technology.
  • Repair / Rewinding / Reconditioning of armature & magnet Coils.
  • Rewinding of HT/ LT A.C. generators
  • Rewinding of D.C. Motors
  • Replacement of Rotors shafts of any size without damaging windings. This activity Includes fabrication and machining of new shaft required for replacement.
  • Repairs / Staggering of Core laminations of stator, Rotators & armature.
  • Site Services for overhauling, repairs, health checks, and attending complaints.
  • Dynamic balancing of Armature, Rotor, Shaft, Cooling Fans, Impellers etc.
  • Supply of spares i. e. Slipring, Insulators, Fans, Heat Exchanger, Blowers etc.

Supply of Spares

We supply all types of HT / LT Motor spares & HV / LV insulating materials of transformers.
We have undertaken Electrical Motor Rewinding & Overhauling & Industrial Wiring, like Erection, Cable
Laying, and Glanding & Termination & Fabrication, All types of electrical Works in the following

  1. Kalyani Steels Limited, Ginigera, Koppal Dist.
  2. Mukand Limited., Ginigera, Koppal Dist.
  3. Kalyani Steels Limited., Siruguppa, Bellary Dist.
  4. Government Department Works like (KPCL,RTPS TB board).
  5. BMM Ispat Limited., Danapur, Bellary Dist.
  6. UltraTech Cement Limited, Ginigera, Koppal Dist.
  7. Ultratech Cement Ltd (Rajashree Cement Ltd) Malkad Gulbarga.
  8. JSW Steels Limted. Toranagallu. Bellary Dist.
  9. JSW Energy Limited. Toranagallu. Bellary Dist.
  10. JSW Cement Limited. Toranagallu. Bellary Dist.
  11. JSW Severfield & Structures Ltd Toranagallu. Bellary Dist
  12. JSW Saw Ltd Toranagallu. Bellary Dist
  13. NMDC Limited, Donimalai, Bellary Dist.
  14. Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals Ltd, Gondiparla, Kurnool Dist, (A.P)
  15. ALSTOM Projects India Limited, Shahabad, Gulbarga Dist. Etc.
  16. Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited, Ginigera, Koppal Dist.
  17. Coramandala International Ltd, Munirabad, Koppal Dist.
  18. Oriental Structural Engineers Private Limited, Hunagund-Hospet Project.
  19. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited – BTPS, Kudathini, Bellary Dist.
  20. Karnataka Power Corporation Limited – RTPS, Shaktinagar, Raichur Dist
  21. GMR Infrastructure Limited, Hospet, Bellary Dist.
  22. Hindustan aeronautics limited, Bangalore. Etc.
  23. Minera Steel & Power Pvt LtdMRPL (Mangalore Refinery Pertochem Ltd) Mangalore.
  24. UPCL (Udupi Power Corporation Ltd) Udupi.
  25. Lanco Power Ltd, New Delhi
  26. GKC Projects Gangavati
  27. KNR Construction Co. Gangavati
  28. MSPL Limited Halavarthi. Koppal Dist.
  29. Xindia Steels Ltd Hirebaganal Koppal Dist.
  30. ACC Limited Toranagallu Bellary Dist.

Onsite Services

At present we are undertaking at Kalyani Steels Ltd, JSW Steels Ltd, annual maintenance contracts of motor
rewinding / Overhauling / repaires / servicing.
We also undertake the rewiring of illumination / Electrification of industrial as well as domestic illumination.

Services for Transformer

Repair, Rewinding and Overhauling of transformers upto 10MVA, LT/HT, 433/11/33


  • High Capacity EOT 40 Ton Crane
  • Low Capacity EOT 7.5 Ton Crane
  • Surge Comparison Tester – (Model: 7005,7010,7015 KHP.)
  • High Vaccum Oil Filtration Plant – 2400 LPH.
  • H.V.Testing Kit up to 0 – 50 KV. 2Amps.
  • V.P.I Plant
  • H.V.Megger up to 5000 Volts
  • Three Phase Dimmer 0 to 200 Amps to 400Amps
  • L.T. Megger:
    • 1000 Volts
    • 500 Volts
  • Meters:
    • Tong Tester & Multi meters
    • Motor Checker
    • Taco Meter
    • Sound Noise Level Meter
  • Vibration analysis & condition monitoring.
  • Dynamic balancing Equipment 5Tons width 5.5 mtrs & OD 2.2 Mtrs.
  • Electrical Chamber (Oven) Size: 4x4x3x2.5.
  • LT Test Bench (0.37KW TO 500KW-LT MOTORS)